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Professional Bio Writing Service.

Having a meaningful and memorable professional bio used to be common among authors and motivational speakers, but today professional bios are a near requirement. Social media bio section: Professionals often need a longer bio for sites like LinkedIn and a shorter version for Twitter. Job search: Employers routinely look at job seekers’ online bios. Marketing […]

Cover Letter Example. Business Intelligence Manager.*

This client wanted to transition to an organization with social impact. The Gates Foundation that seemed like a great fit. The client hoped to put her background in corporate finance and operations analysis to work as an Associate in the Strategy, Innovation and Impact within the Finance division. The Strategy, Innovation, and Impact group is […]

BOOK – MBA & EMBA Application Guide: Recommendations

1. MBA & EMBA Recommendation Book Overview.2. Book Excerpt – Examples of MBA & EMBA Recommendations and Talking Points.   MBA Recommendation Example from section 4.5   MBA Recommendation Example from section 4.6   Recommender Talking Points Example from section 2.103. Book Review Offer.4. Download Recommendation Brainstorming Grid.5. Updated List of MBA & EMBA Recommendation Questions. 1. MBA […]