Fresh Resume Design Service


The Fresh Resume Design Service improves the logic and layout of your resume. Logic: The layout and structure of your resume will be analyzed and modified to improve the delivery of your core story. Layout: Your resume will get a new look using our classic but modern resume design.


You’ll benefit from a fresh resume design if the current incarnation of your resume…

  • lists your home address (or features a account),
  • is cluttered,
  • is confusing,
  • uses Times New Roman font everywhere,
  • is organized exclusively around the positions you’ve held (i.e. doesn’t contain any topical logic),
  • is more than 1.5 pages long,
  • features a giant, buzzword-saturated summary at the top,
  • includes references (or any mention of them),
  • is the brainchild of Clippy, the Microsoft Office Paperclip (you know who you are),
  • isn’t landing you any interviews.

Deliverable: The Fresh Resume Design Service includes a) a new resume design, b) a rethinking of your resume’s layout/structure. This service does not include fresh, story-based content/bullet points for your resume (if you need new bullet points, please see our Story-based Resume Service). At the end of this service you’ll receive a PDF version of your resume as well as a modular Word document which you can edit and build on in the future.

Process: Client emails consultant: current resume and some information about their reason for requesting a redesign → 45-minute Phone Call → 1st Draft of Resume Redesign → Feedback → Subsequent Edits

Prior to your call, you’ll email your consultant your current resume and some information about why you’re requesting a redesign. Next, a 45-minute phone call will be set up so that your consultant can ask questions about your current resume and work history. After the call, you’ll receive the first draft of your redesigned resume. You’ll review the first draft and make any comments or changes using the track change functionality in Word. Depending on your feedback, either additional edits to your bullet points will follow or a phone call will be set up to discuss questions and concerns. The process continues until everyone is 100% satisfied. (Accommodations available for clients with dyslexia).

Turnaround Time: Each service contains several deliverables. The turnaround time for any one deliverable (like new edits to a document based on client feedback) is a maximum of two business days (see the FAQs for more information). Total turnaround time is a function of a) the client’s availability to schedule calls and b) the amount of time the client requires to provide feedback on drafts. A typical timeline follows.

  • Day 1: Client emails their consultant current resume and some information about their reason for requesting a redesign
  • Day 3: Resume Redesign Call
  • Day 5: Client receives a first draft of their resume redesgin
  • Days 6-7: Client spends some time reviewing the resume redesign – possibly sharing it with a few contacts. Client uses the track change functionality in Word to insert comments, feedback and changes into the document.
  • Day 8: Client’s feedback is received. Either a call will be scheduled in the next day or two or the client will receive an updated resume draft based on their feedback.
  • Day 9+: Additional rounds of review and editing as necessary.
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