Career Advising & Coaching Service


The hourly advising rate is a catch-all service that applies to any conversations that aren’t a part of a pre-defined service. There is no written follow-up or editing involved in this service – it’s simply your consultant providing you with feedback and guidance over the phone.

Please select either 30 minutes or 1 hour of advising. Once you click ‘ADD’ you’ll be redirected to the shopping cart. There you can add multiples of your selection (1 hour * 2 or 3 or 4 etc.)

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In the past clients have used advisory calls to:

  • Receive verbal feedback on a document (this could be a resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, speech, presentation etc.)
  • Talk about transitioning their career from one functional role to another (or from one industry to another)
  • Get an outside perspective on a number of jobs they’ve found and are considering applying to
  • Weigh big life choices and professional decisions (quitting job, going to grad school, becoming an entrepreneur, moving to a different location/country, tradeoffs (quality of life vs. $ money vs. professional visibility)
  • Figure out how to deal with a challenging situation or person in their workplace
  • Sort though expectations (their own and those of their entourage)
  • Articulate future goals
  • etc.

Process: Client purchase 30 minutes+ of the Hourly Advisory Service → Consultant emails client to set up a day/time for the call and to learn more about the client’s needs → Advisory Call →  Client receives an audio recording of the call (optional)

New Clients: Prior to your call, your consultant will email you to set up a day/time and learn more about your goal for the call. If applicable, your consultant will request supporting documents from you (resume, cover letter, job postings etc.). If you would like an audio recording of the call sent to you, please let your consultant know that before the call begins.

Existing Clients: Please coordinate with your consultant.

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