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Leah helps people craft stories that move their careers forward. A former Fulbright scholar with a Bachelor's in Psychology from La Sorbonne and an MBA from MIT Sloan, Leah spent the first part of her career in recruiting and marketing. Book a free consultation with Leah

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Essay or SOP. Leadership Development or Rotational Program.*

When a client I had done a resume rewrite for decided to apply for a leadership development program at his employer (John Deere) he asked if I could help him develop an essay for the application. To write this essay I drew on my years of experience writing winning client essays to top MBA programs like Harvard Business School and Wharton.

BOOK – MBA & EMBA Application Guide: Recommendations

1. MBA & EMBA Recommendation Book Overview.2. Book Excerpt – Examples of MBA & EMBA Recommendations and Talking Points.   MBA Recommendation Example from section 4.5   MBA Recommendation Example from section 4.6   Recommender Talking Points Example from section 2.103. Book Review Offer.4. Download Recommendation Brainstorming Grid.5. Updated List of MBA & EMBA Recommendation Questions. 1. MBA […]